The Crypto Report: Our Analysts on the State of Cryptocurrency
July 2022
Consumers around the world are committed to crypto, despite its volatility. Leaders can no longer dismiss decentralized digital assets as a passing fad. Combining research from Morning Consult’s Industry Intelligence, Economic Intelligence and Geopolitical Intelligence teams, our latest report offers a comprehensive, unparalleled overview of consumers’ opinions on cryptocurrency in the United States and around the world.
Check out these key highlights and be sure to download the full report for more:
  • Making money is the main reason U.S. consumers say they own cryptocurrency, and relatively few use it primarily as a means of paying or sending money to others.
  • The average crypto owner remains optimistic about a bitcoin rebound, despite its recent weakness.
  • Inflation, restrictions on the movement of money, techno-optimism and e-commerce all contribute to global cryptocurrency adoption.