U.S. Jobs & Labor Market Trends Report
July 2022
The mood is shifting among U.S. workers. Inflation, financial volatility and talk of a looming recession have weighed heavily on consumer sentiment in 2022, and now the mood among workers is souring as well. In June, the share of employed U.S. adults who expect to experience a loss of employment income in the next 4 weeks shot up across income groups. Morning Consult examines these trends and more in our latest U.S. Labor and Jobs Report.
Check out these key highlights and be sure to download the full report for more:
  • Pay losses and unemployment: The share of Americans reporting lost pay or income held steady throughout the first three weeks of June across income groups.
  • Job search activity: More money is the most important motivator of job seekers, with the share citing additional compensation as the reason for their job search increasing over time.
  • Job Security: In a sharp reversal of recent employment trends, U.S. workers are starting to feel less secure in their jobs.