U.S. Supply Chains & Inflation Report
July 2022
Affordability concerns are becoming widespread as inflation remains elevated. In June, spending growth faced gathering headwinds as consumers were increasingly inclined to trade down or opt out of purchases when faced with higher-than-expected prices. And while demand for durable goods and housing had already begun to weaken in May, consumers in June also increasingly resisted price hikes for services, potentially delaying the return to pre-pandemic spending patterns. Morning Consult examines these trends and more in our latest U.S. Supply Chains & Inflation Report.
Check out these key highlights and be sure to download the full report for more:
  • Supply Chain Index of Consumer Inflation Pressures: Durable goods and housing remained relatively more affected by inflation and supply chain constraints
  • Inflation: Older generations continue to report higher levels of concern about inflation and were more price sensitive in June compared to GenZers and Millennials.
  • Supply Chain Disruption: Adults outside of cities are facing more pronounced supply chain disruptions compared with their urban counterparts.