Streaming or Struggling?
October 2022
As the streaming industry’s growth ceiling comes into question, companies must consider readjusting their subscription strategies.

Morning Consult’s report analyzes today’s biggest streaming trends, including lower-priced ad tiers and attitudes toward subscription prices. Download the report today to learn more about how major streamers are navigating their next phase.
Check out these key highlights and be sure to download the full report for more:
  • Forthcoming ad tiers will help retain subscribers, particularly Gen Zers and millennials: Younger demos are more likely than older ones to have switched to an ad tier over the past year and are more likely to be concerned about inflation’s impact on entertainment subscriptions.
  • The old guard of streaming has held its own against the new guard: Despite the wave of new streamers, Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video remain at the top of the U.S. video streaming landscape based on proprietary Morning Consult metrics analyzed.
  • Netflix, Disney+ will see meaningful growth due to forthcoming ad tier launches. Both ad tiers will become available prior to the launch of significant original titles on either service, maximizing the chances that programming will be able to make an impact on subscriber growth.