U.S.-China Relations
2022 Report
The State of U.S.-China Relations Report explores the risks and opportunities facing multinationals, investors, asset managers and policymakers.

Leveraging Morning Consult data, this report provides a consolidated risk outlook for U.S.-China relations. Download your copy today to gain insight into the most critical issues at stake in light of rapidly evolving bilateral tensions in the second half of 2022 and the recent U.S. midterm elections.
Check out these key highlights and be sure to download the full report for more:
  • U.S. views of China appear to be hardening, especially among Republicans.
  • Chinese negativity has softened slightly in recent months but still outpaces U.S. views.
  • While an invasion of Taiwan remains unlikely in the short-term, Xi Jinping has refused to rule out the use of force in achieving this long-held goal, and for this and other reasons, businesses with significant China exposure should mitigate risk through contingency planning for a post-China future.
  • Likewise, China seems unlikely to make major changes in the short term to their heavily restrictive approach to COVID management. Multinationals would do well to begin diversifying supply chains away from China.
  • Both sides increasingly fear that military and economic tensions will continue to escalate in the long term.
  • Majorities on both sides yearn for resolution amid a bleak long-term outlook, but conditions for compromise seem increasingly unfavorable.
  • Public desire for compromise is at odds with a pugnacious Chinese foreign policy grounded in collective grievance.
  • Multinationals should not expect much trade relief as there seems to be little impetus from public sentiment for either side to compromise on reducing tariffs.