Geopolitical Risk Outlook Report
February 2023
Morning Consult’s Global Geopolitical Risk Outlook Report provides a comprehensive, data-driven assessment of public attitudes toward key issues at the intersection of politics and economics across 18 of the world’s largest markets.

Download your copy today to gain topical insights designed to guide companies, market actors and policymakers through H1 2023.

Download the full report to explore what’s ahead in geopolitical risk with a detailed look into:
  • Business & Regulatory Climate. Heightened public support for corporate taxation, antitrust enforcement and labor protections is poised to persist over H1 2023.
  • Trade & Investment Climate. Public enthusiasm for foreign direct and portfolio investment remains robust across the G-20, but persistent support for local manufacturing and government use of tariffs to protect domestic businesses will pose headwinds for global trade and supply chains.
  • ESG & Corporate Responsibility. Companies and market actors involved in greening their supply chains and portfolios will continue to see strong public support for those efforts over H1 2023 despite downturns in some markets.
  • Social Policy & Labor Market Considerations. Companies, market actors and policymakers should plan for persistent social policy and labor market polarization in 2023.
  • Nationalism & Societal Polarization. We anticipate that pervasive nationalist, isolationist and anti-immigration sentiment will carry over into H1 2023.
  • Threat Perceptions. Our outlook is mixed owing to favorable trends in public views of COVID-19 and the global economy over H2 2022, and countervailing uncertainty stemming from China’s trajectory and related knock-on effects for global markets.