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Chinese Consumer Activity In The Wake Of Covid-19 

While some countries are reopening their economies and taking measures to return to normalcy, Coronavirus is still an ongoing pandemic that is posing a severe health risk and impacting daily lives for many. As of mid-June, a fresh cluster of coronavirus outbreaks started to emerge in China after a hopeful period for the country looking to return to pre-pandemic time. 

Morning Consult conducted a survey recently among 2,000 Chinese adults to gauge their perceptions of Coronavirus as a health risk in China (and globally), the shaping of the consumer demands, and spending habits from the pandemic. 

Report Highlights:

  • Chinese adults who were very concerned about COVID-19 dropped seven points between May and June
  • Even with stay-at-home measures ending, many Chinese adults are hesitant to engage in activities involving the crowds
  • 74 percent of Chinese adults say the coronavirus is a severe health risk in the United States