Morning Consult Global Data Intelligence

Morning Consult Expands Daily Brand and Economic Tracking to Italy, Spain and South Korea

As leaders grapple with the effects of COVID-19 on the global economy and consumers' lives, Morning Consult is expanding its real-time data tracking on consumer confidence and brand reputation to 15 countries, including Italy, Spain and South Korea. 

As these countries recover from the pandemic and chart a new path, our global data gives leaders the power to:

  • Access survey data from more than 15,000 daily interviews conducted from a total of 15 countries
  • Analyze more than 100 demographic variables and 7 trillion unique data points daily
  • Monitor daily brand tracking metrics to measure the impact of the pandemic on the company's consumers
  • Track consumer confidence and consumer spending as economies recover or decline
  • Develop custom trackers to monitor the most important issues unique to your organization
  • Make informed and strategic business decisions in real-time to stay ahead of changing consumer habits