The State of Consumer Banking & Payments
H2 2022 Report
Morning Consult’s biannual report The State of Consumer Banking & Payments tracks evolving consumer banking and payment trends and evaluates what changing attitudes mean for the future of each industry.
Based on survey interviews conducted monthly over the past year and daily across 44 countries, this report provides insights into consumers’ relationships with their primary banking and payment providers, as well as the other financial services they’re using to meet their needs.
  • Across the board, consumers are worse off than last year. No group is immune to the economic effects of inflation and the pandemic.
  • Consumers are making less progress toward their investing goals, and many are ending relationships with robo-advisers and brokerages amid broad market volatility.
  • Consumers are content with their providers and aren’t thinking of switching, but 1 in 5 U.S. adults are unbanked or underbanked.