The State of Food & Beverage
H1 2023
In the face of prolonged price growth, consumers are being forced to decide what is truly essential. That means shifting dollars from restaurants to groceries and cutting back on new products — or even entire categories — to save money. Brands must navigate the balancing act of maintaining profitability amid economic headwinds and staying in consumers’ good graces.

Morning Consult’s semiannual State of Food & Beverage report tracks evolving consumer behaviors in the food & beverage sector and what they mean for the future of the industry. Download your copy today, and get access to previous versions of the semiannual report.
Download the full report to explore what’s influencing consumers’ food and beverage choices, including:
  • Double-digit food inflation puts a spotlight on the category and pressures choices, from where to shop to what to eat and drink.
  • Restaurants are on the chopping block as consumers look to save.
  • Alcohol moderation trends are becoming a lifestyle. Cost and health concerns are cementing this behavior.