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How Gen Z is Responding to the Black Lives Matter Protests and Implications for Brands

A series of seismic events have been occurring over the past few weeks and months. As such, we're broadening the scope of the report to look more generally at how the tumult of 2020 – a pandemic, recession, Black Lives Matter protests, the upcoming election and more – is shaping this young generation's habits, values, and outlook on the world. 

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  • Members of Gen Z (Americans age 13-23) have a growing sense that the world isn’t fair and their optimism about the country’s future is falling in the context of a global pandemic and national unrest.

  • Gen Z now sees the Black Lives Matter movement as the second most impactful event of their lifetimes, behind only the coronavirus outbreak.

  • How businesses react and express themselves regarding Black Lives Matter will permanently affect Gen Z's decisions to buy from them.